3. "The attention to finely tuned sensitivities, the relentless delivery of more options, more alternatives can also convince students that the world stops for them. The comfortable kid can get far too comfortable. Recently, Ms. McCartney heard a radio report about how younger students perceive criticism as especially harsh when their teachers grade assignments in red pen. Just for a moment, she imagined Smith students demanding that professors use only black or blue ink. “I hope,” she says, “we don’t have a red-pen movement.” Indeed, a national campaign about the harm caused by ink colors would be absurd. Life, we know, marks us up in whatever colors it wants. With wisdom drawn from our many years of experience, we tend to laugh at the kids, scoff at their ideas. But we should at least consider the possibility that old people are the worst."

  4. "There’s been an ongoing tension between being efficient and effective in handling this massive student body on the one hand," Mr. Loss says, "and providing personalized instruction and care on the other."

  6. "My password became the indicator. My password reminded me that I shouldn’t let myself be victim of my recent break up, and that I’m strong enough to do something about it. My password became: “Forgive@h3r”"

  8. explore-blog:

    Susan Sontag's exquisite Letter to Borges – a meditation on books, self-transcendence, and reading in the age of screens

  10. "When built in 1954, near the freeway at 1550 Bryant St., it was the largest commercial sign on the West Coast. It appeared briefly in “Dirty Harry,” and was written about by everyone from Herb Caen to Charles McCabe."

    I work in this building :)

    (via What happened to the Hamm’s Brewery sign? - The Big Event)


  12. "Sure, there are ace bits of house and techno at work, not mention more pensive melodic passages that provide a little time for introspection, but this is an effort in which the final product is truly greater than the sum of its parts."

  13. San Francisco as seen by a cat, as imagined by a cat owner (by Wendy Macnaughton)

  14. Concrete Chesterfield Sofa. Love.

    (Source: instagram.com)


  15. "The research is overwhelming that the vast majority of us require seven to eight hours of sleep to feel fully rested, and only a small percentage require less than seven. The problem is that we kid ourselves. “Like a drunk,” the Harvard sleep expert Charles A. Czeisler wrote, “a person who is sleep deprived has no idea how functionally impaired he or she truly is. Most of us have forgotten what it really feels like to be awake.”"